Heart of a Torah Woman
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Here is a wonderful interview and conversation with Sarah about her beautiful children's book she has written. Learn more about the behind the scenes for it, what it is about, why so many love it already, as well as her publishing business she has now. In the links below you can find where to buy it, her backstory video link, her publishing website and her Instagram account. I will also link to the book review I personally gave after I read it.

My personal book review video:

Buy "I Saw the Earth Wake Up" here:

Backstory video here:

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Sarah's Publishing company here:

Sarah Coller
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Why are we told to fight almost every other sin, but with sexual immorality we are just supposed to run? Because it is a trap.

There's all kinds of ways to commit the sin of sexual immorality.

In ministry, we are drawn to one another because we are supposed to be in community. Sometimes in a church or other ministry setting, men and women work closely together without their spouses. The enemy uses this scenario to sow lies and to take our minds off of the good work we should be doing.

Today I share my testimony and talk about this important topic that many are silent on.

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Sarah Coller
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When you are trying to do anything effective, you often have to develop a thick skin. Eventually, you're going to have someone give negative feedback.
I think everyone deals with criticism at some point in life. How we handle it determines how qualified, relevant, and effective we actually want to be.

Sarah Coller
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I've always heard this command in Exodus 20 means, don't say God's name in a bad way, don't use it as an expletive, don't say it unless you're praying or talking about Him. However, I don't think that's actually what the Father meant when He gave this command.

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Sarah Coller
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Viewer requested video! Some wonder if women and children should wear tzitzit. There are different ideas and interpretations out there regarding this subject so I'll tell you what I see in scripture and what my own experience is.

Tzitzit tutorial from Raquel H:

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Heart of a Torah Woman
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Sometimes it can be easy to yell. We can come out of that and not be known as a yeller anymore. With effort you can stop. Here are some practical things you can think on and what you can do to help you stop yelling. I hope this blesses you.

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Heart of a Torah Woman
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Becoming a strong woman who is a force to reckon with. Ponder these questions and thoughts on what it means to have strong character. How we treat people matters. Who and what are we representing?

Scripture references I make:
Ecc 3:1-8
Prove 14:1
Prov 16:18
Prov 18:12
Prov 18:21
Prov 31: 11-12, 25-28
Rom 12:18
1 Cor 13:2
1Cor 13:13
Philip 1:27
Philip 2:12
Philip 3:20
Titus 2:3-5
James 3:6-10
James 5:20
1 Pet 1:15-16
1 Pet 3:4
I Pet 4:8-9

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Heart of a Torah Woman
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One thing above all else should be doing. What are we seeking?

Heart of a Torah Woman
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How are we acting in the home?

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⁣Daniel Joseph from Corner Fringe Ministries reminds us of where our cares should be.