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Heart of a Torah Woman
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Homeschooling Torah | Anne doesn’t know how to crochet, so Sharon Darling from Heart of a Torah Woman is going to attempt to teach her — and you can learn along with her! (Bring a crochet hook, some yarn, and any daughters or friends who would also like to learn.)

Sharon Darling -

Through Patreon, Sharon offers Knitting and Crocheting Lessons for those who would like to learn how to crochet and knit. She says,

"I learned how to do both at the same time when I was in my 20s. I fell in love with both! I would like to pass on the how to’s for both of these. I have taught quite a few how to do both. I have experience teaching others in person, over video chats, as well as using my own videos I made to help others. I have even taught a left-hander how to crochet.

"From a beginner up to more experienced this can be for you! I will even teach how to read written and graph patterns. They are not as hard as you would think! It may take some getting used to but this tier gives access to my personal help as well! So you will be able to get personalized guidance to the degree that I am able to."

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Heart of a Torah Woman
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Just a short, pretty video inviting ladies to join me in encouraging and uplifting each other. Biblical Womanhood is beautiful and we can help each other bring Glory to our Father.

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Heart of a Torah Woman
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Take a walk with Sarah in "I Saw the Earth Wake Up". "The sun is rising and it's time to start the day on the farm. Take a walk on the farm to meet all the animals and learn the special message they have just for you."

Here is my review of this wonderful and beautiful children's book that points kids and families to the Creator.

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